100% Grass Fed Bison Meat 




Our bison meat is 100% grass fed, ethically raised and harvested.

We sell bison meat by custom butcher only.  (No wholesale, no individual cuts.)  Available by the 1/4(split half), 1/2 or whole bison based upon availability. We are a small bison farm, so meat is on a very limited basis.

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Bison Meat Details:

We sell Prime at $5.75 per pound HHW and Burger only at $5.25 per pound HHW plus $.75 per pound HHW cut & wrap fees, butcher fee $30 for 1/4, $10.00 disposal fee and 8.9% tax. 


What is HHW? Hot hanging weight is the weight of the unchilled carcass in pounds after the head, hide and internal organs have been removed.


1/4 Prime bison will be approximately 110 pounds HHW.  After processing and cut/wrap, you will get approximately 80 pounds of finished bone-in meat.  You will need to submit a "cut sheet" to tell the processor how you want your meat cut and wrapped.


1/4 burger bison will be approximately 130 pounds HHW. After processing and cut/wrap, you will get approximately 90 pounds of burger in one or two pound packages.  

We require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit prior to butcher.  Once the HHW is determined, remaining balance is to be paid to Win-Tur Bison Farm within one week of butcher, cash or check only.  Once we have received full payment then the processor will be notified that you will be picking up.


You will pick up the meat at the processors in Spokane Valley (bring your own boxes/coolers) and you will pay butcher fees, cut and wrap, disposal fees and sales tax directly to them. 

Important info about  1/4's please read this.  

When you order a quarter, what you will receive is commonly called a “split half.”  Because, the cuts of meat in the front half differs dramatically from the back half, the cuts are evenly divided between the two to make it a fair offering.  This will somewhat limit how you can have your meat cut, as it is a compromise with another customer, who will be sharing the half with you.  

Pricing guideline for 1/4 Prime bison:

approximate HHW 110lbs x $5.75= $632.50 + $30.00 butcher fee + $82.50 cut & wrap + $10.00 disposal fee + $67.00 8.9% tax= $822

Finished meat after cut/wrap approximately 80 lbs  


$822/80= $10.27 per pound


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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