Sorry, we are not offering tours in 2021 more info
Private & Custom Tours

Win-Tur Bison Farm offers custom, behind the scenes tours for photographers, artists, future bison producers and more.
Personal guided tours are customized just for you.
You can: 
  • take photographs with minimal fencing in the way
  • ask questions
  • feed the bison
  • tour the property
  • "hang out"
  • & more
Custom tours are $25.00 per person for up to two hours and a maximum group size of 8 people.
Important:  Reservations are required. 
Mid-May to Mid-Sept private/custom tours are available only Mon-Thurs, 12-3. 
Mid-Sept to Mid-May tours dependent upon our availability and weather conditions. Limited availability Nov-Dec. There are no bathroom facilities available Mid-Sept to Mid-May.
Cash or checks only. 
Contact us to book your personal tour.